Iconostasis Icon Fundraiser

I am raising funds to furnish the St. Maximus Fellowship iconostasis with the standard icons (links below) that are appropriate for an iconostasis. Below are the links to the icons (and a few other items) that will be used for the iconostasis:https://legacyicons.com/great-feasts-set/ https://legacyicons.com/mystical-supper-xxic-icon-f256/ https://legacyicons.com/archangel-gabriel-koufos-icon-s111/ https://legacyicons.com/archangel-michael-koufos-icon-s122/ https://legacyicons.com/christ-pantocrator-koufos-icon-x115/ https://legacyicons.com/theotokos-the-guide-koufos-icon-t133/ https://legacyicons.com/saint-john-the-baptist-koufos-icon-s166/ https://legacyicons.com/saint-george-koufos-icon-s161/ http://www.alphaomegachurchsupplies.com/Liturgical/Stands/Gospel-Stands/Gospel-Stand-451.html http://www.alphaomegachurchsupplies.com/Furnishings/Candle-Stands/Sand-Stands/Sand-Stand-US41813.html Go Fund Me Link:

SMCF is Now Officially an Outreach!

I am excited to announce that the St. Maximus the Confessor Eastern Catholic Fellowship is now an official outreach of St. Basil the Great Byzantine Catholic Church (Irving TX) and is under supervision of Fr. Elias Rafaj. This not only makes the fellowship official, it also opens up opportunities for the celebration of the DivineContinue reading “SMCF is Now Officially an Outreach!”